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Let's get ready for your session

smiling newborn held in mother's arms during dallas area in-home newborn lifestyle photo session

Carolyn's Simple Styling Tips

First of all, your style is yours. Only you can decide what you like and feel comfortable in. Taking time to plan a look you love will contribute to the aesthetics and feel of your final images. Do you want casual photos or do you want to dress to the nines? Either is fine and I'm all about "you-do-you" but I have found that my families and couples tend to ask for a little direction and advice when it comes to selecting outfits for their session. If that's you, this section is for your you!

  • Comfort is key to confidence: Choose something you feel great in!
  • Begin with earthy neutrals: Beiges, greens, blues, browns are all great starting points.
  • Complementary colors are key: DO NOT try to match; instead shoot for a complementary color palate. You'll find a ton of inspiration if you search "color palate for family photos" on Google or Pinterest.
  • Incorporate patterns and texture: This adds depth and interest. Don't bring in too many patterns though; It's always a good idea to pair patterns with complementary solids.
  • Build around one outfit: Build your family's look around one person's desired outfit (for example, mom).
profile view of sleeping newborn girl swaddled on white blanket during plano in-home newborn lifestyle photo session
newborn girl sleeping on mothers shoulder holding father's hand during dallas area in-home newborn lifestyle session
Plano couple holds swaddled newborn baby girl during dallas area in-home lifestyle newborn photo session

Prepping for your session

  • You can help me prepare for your session by prepping your areas - I'm not taking a deep clean but a "declutter" in the spaces we will for sure use helps a lot!
  • For example, if we're going to be in parent's bedroom, clear the night stands of tissue boxes, alarm clocks, etc. Although a normal part of life your images will look a little more polished with these items removed.
  • Ideal areas for photos may include the nursery, living room and/or parent's room. Tidy any areas we might be...no space is required it's really up to you...it's your lifestyle!
  • The semi-posed photos will take place near a window. A lot of times this is in the front dining room because there's usually a large window. Wherever light enters your house in the morning is going to be the spot I'll likely choose for the semi-posed basket photos! If needed I may temporarily move furniture and adjust blinds.

During Your Session

It's most important to me that you're comfortable! We're going to take it slow and at babies pace!

Once I get there and assess the space and overall situation, I'll take the lead on where we should start. One portion of the session will emphasize family photos and one portion will emphasize baby. For example - If baby is ready but Mom needs more time to get herself ready I can start with just baby while you finish putting on mascara or getting the other littles ready! Or if everyone's ready to go we can jump in to family photos first! Every session is a little different!

All the stimulation that takes place during our session can shake up normal routines. We'll pause as needed for baby if they need to eat or just take a small break.

What Happens After?

Step 1. Review your proofs

Within 2-3 weeks your gallery will be shared with you as a proof gallery. Images will be watermarked because they are not finalized. You may share your gallery with others who you want to collaborate with on making selections.


Step 2. Favorite your selections

Favorite the photos you want delivered. Remember mini sessions come with 8 images and full sessions come with 20 images included. If collaborating with another person to make selections, use the same email address to login.


Step 3. Let me know you're done!

Make sure to let me know when your selections are final. Turnaround for final images may be up to 2 weeks.

Remember you can upgrade your gallery if needed!
($12 per image, 10 for $100, or 20 images for $150)


Thank you.

I am so grateful that you chose me to capture your family. Please reach out if you have any questions before our session.

I cannot wait to see you! It's going to be so much fun!