Please... Don’t Screenshot your Family Photos

We’ve all done it before…just a quick screenshot and it’s in your camera roll. This works well if you quickly want to save a recipe, a reminder, or an image for inspiration (for me it’s bedroom suites and organization hacks). However, when it comes to saving images from your photo session, trust me you don’t want to take this same shortcut.

When you screenshot an image you’re saving a picture of the image, not the actual image. Depending on how your device is displaying the image this most often leads to decreases in quality. This means if you try to make a print or want to upload that screenshot later on, it probably won’t display with the same clarity, resolution, and sometimes even colors as the original file.

Let me tell you my husband is the worst about this. I still give him a hard time for making birthday posts with nothing but screenshotted items (it’s obvious because you can see his instagram handle in the corner). Don’t worry I read this to him before putting him on blast! You paid me for quality family photos though…so this is a different story. 

As an artist and your photographer it’s important to me that when you share your images, they are as I delivered them because I want you to enjoy them in all their quality today AND years down the road. 

Please don’t feel called out if you're guilty…rather now you’re educated on the importance of downloading instead. 🙂 Others on your feed might not be able to tell that you shared a screenshot of an image but it’s a representation of my work and I can tell. On a personal level it’s not fair to share my work with unintended white borders or blurry images that I know were crip sharp when I delivered them. On a practical level, sharing the original file instead sets you up for success later on when you need the photo again (for prints, gifts, or everlasting memories).

Instead...Download ALL Your Family Photo Session Images in a Few Clicks

That is the power of Pixieset my friends! Pixieset hosts all of my online galleries. I love it because it makes it easy-peasy for you to both download and share your galleries with family and friends so they can download them too!

Watch this quick video where I personally walk you through how to download your images on a desktop device: