What is the best time for your photo session? | Dallas Family Photography

Let me see. How fast can I get to the point? Blue hour. 

What the heck is blue hour? | Blue Hour Photography in Dallas

Blue hour promises the sky's most breathtaking views. It is a 15-20 minute period before sunrise and after sunset when the sun is still below the horizon. From below the horizon the sun lights up the sky with beautiful tones and the available light has a bright but soft luminosity to it. The color tones and perfect lighting contrast work together during the blue hour to cast a magical but emotive aura on your photos. Don’t just pay me for any old family photos, let me wow you. 

What is so special about blue hour? | Blue Hour Photography

You want the best light and softest shadows. Even in the age of digital photography, our cameras still depend on light. More is not always better though and when it comes to photographing people, the high sun creates unflattering harsh shadows across faces (and since you’re paying me to take your photos, I hope you’ll trust me here.) Additionally, harsh light can make it hard for the camera to capture all of the colors in the environment making it difficult to bring you the bold rich colors and dreamy skies my work is known for. 

Why is blue hour great for family photos? | Dallas Family Photos

When we book a session near sunset we get the best of both worlds! The first part of our session will be spent warming up (or catching up!) and settling into the session. During this time light is usually plentiful. We get to look for shade trees where sun shines through creating natural beautiful sun flares and bokeh effects. By the time blue hour hits you’ll be feeling confident and relaxed just in time for a few more photos with sky radiating a variety of magnificent colors  - Come chase those cotton candy skies with me and I promise you won’t regret it!